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Growing awareness: Pact in the Press

Posted by Lydia on 18 July 2018

We like a compliment as much as the next person (or company). In just the last five or so months, it’s fair to say we’ve been getting about online - from little ‘big-ups’ in a variety of listicles, to our expert staff offering soundbites on their coffee knowledge. We’ve even had full-blown articles written about who Pact is and what we’re doing! We could tell you all that ourselves, sure, but why not see what other people are saying?

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Caffeinated and cost-efficient: the hidden value of office coffee

Posted by Lydia on 25 June 2018

Our coffee isn’t a commodity and neither is your team. We know that you know that, but it’s important to make sure that’s clear to everyone. While poor quality coffee and broken-down machines tell your staff that you’re not bothered about whether they’re enjoying the daily grind (in more ways than one), Pact’s service lets them know you really care - and with something as simple as a cup of speciality coffee. Teams that feel valued, feel happy. And happy teams are what you should be aiming for.

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