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Direct trade office coffee: Where CSR meets world-class beans

Posted by Sarah on 03 November 2017

 Pact at Work has a simple mission: to make coffee a force for good.

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Revealed: 75% of UK workplaces 'awash' with rubbish office coffee

Posted by Sarah on 23 October 2017

Concerned that poor-quality coffee is running amok in offices across the country, we recently surveyed more than five thousand coffee-lovers to find out the state of play in their workplace. The results weren’t good:

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Five ways Pact at Work office coffee fuels a happy workplace

Posted by Laura on 09 October 2017

Pact was recently voted one of The Times 100 Best Small Companies To Work For, and the team at Pact HQ all agree that the free coffee we enjoy here played no small part in that...

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